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Zach Orchard


Zach Orchard’s style of photography centers on quality.  His images express his technical expertise, excellent eye for light and ability to perceive authentic expressions.  His clients are at ease in his presence.  His light hearted and comfortable ways of working help bring out natural expressions.   Whether he is covering an event or an individual portrait session, Zach’s artistry exemplifies the genuine character of those pictured in his images.  His goal is to not just capture the moment, but to capture the image that tells the story.


Since his very early childhood, Zach has had a camera in his hands.  His natural talent and passion for photography began as a young boy, with taking pictures of his family and the events in their lives.  His passion developed further as he found he had a talent for seeing and capturing the moments that no one else saw.  Soon it seemed he never put the camera down. This led to years of practice behind the camera in high school and the beginning of his professional career working for Hudson Photographic Artistry.


That early experience led him to attend the Art institute of Seattle where he earned a degree in Photography.  And from there his 25+ year career has continued to grow, working for Seattle based companies PhotoZone, ActionPhotoNW, and Frontline Photography.  This experience has given him the opportunity to travel and work across the USA and internationally.  He has worked in many different fields from portraiture, sports photography, and weddings, to product marketing, real estate, and corporate events.


Zach has three favorite areas of photography:  Portraits, Events and Commercial Photography.  These specialties give him the opportunity to tell the story through images.  Whether he is communicating the story of your family connection or the message you want your business advertisement to send, his images speak your message.  Both require an ability to see beyond the surface and capture the deeper message in pictures.  And in on-location or event shoot as with children, you never know what is really going to happen.

He loves what he does and continues to expand his skills and equipment so that he can give his very best to the work he enjoys.  You will immediately notice the difference his expertise will make in your images as he captures the moment for you.

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